GDG Action — Thank You Community!

Prior to joining Google, I was an organizer and Women Techmaker lead for GDG San Francisco. So much effort goes into hosting monthly meetings and organizing large events like DevFest and International Women’s Day and this is my first year not directly involved planning (which feels so strange!). But I still want to give back to the community that has given me so much.

GDG Action is an open source, configurable, multi-lingual Action that was co-designed by our leading conversational designer, Cathy Pearl. It connects with your GDG’s meetup and provides users with information about your next GDG event, the last one and more!

Just follow the instructions on the project’s README to set it up for your GDG community. You can test it out with the GDG San Francisco Action to see it in action.

After your Action is deployed, you can share your GDG’s Action using Action Link (which is how I shared the GDG San Francisco Action above). With Action Link, you can share your GDG’s Action on social media to give your members a great way to know about your next meetup!

Thank you GDGs for all of your wonderful efforts, and have a fantastic 2019!

Want to learn how to Internationalize an Action? Check out Internationalization- Localizing Your Action or 5 Tips when Localizing your Action. Follow @ActionsOnGoogle for the announcements on our blogs! Don’t forget to use #AoGDevs to let others know about your GDG Action!
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