Google Assistant GDEs at #GDESummit2019

The last weekend of October was the Google Developer Expert (GDE) Summit, where GDEs from all around the world come together at Google to learn about the latest technologies.

GDEs are part of the Experts Program, which is:

A global program to recognize individuals who are experts and thought leaders in one or more Google technologies. These professionals actively contribute and support the developer and startup ecosystems around the world, helping them build and launch highly innovative apps.

We had several of our Google Assistant GDEs attend to learn more about App Actions, Web Content, Smart Home, and Interactive Canvas!

Google Assistant GDEs

Want to find the closest Google Assistant GDE to you? Check out the GDE Directory and select the Assistant technology category or watch Season 2 of Assistant on Air, where we chat with 6 GDEs about their experiences building for Google Assistant:

Thanks for reading! To share your thoughts or questions, join us on Reddit at r/GoogleAssistantDev.

Follow @ActionsOnGoogle on Twitter for more of our team’s updates, and tweet using #AoGDevs to share what you’re working on. Can’t wait to see what you build!

Google Assistant GDE Pre-Event Dinner

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