About Me

Jessica Earley

I am Jessica Dene Earley-Cha and I am a Software Developer.

Short bio: Jessica Dene Earley is from Calexico, CA and received her bachelor’s in Sociology, Education: Applied Psychology from UCSB. After receiving her diploma she started working in the nonprofit sector. She spent almost a decade working with at-risk youth and people with mental health challenges in disadvantaged areas. After years of supporting and encouraging other to pursue their dream, Jessica decided to pivot her career  into tech. She is full stack developer who still enjoys sharing knowledge and support others. She is currently the Director of Part Time Education at Hackbright Academy, providing avenues for women to get quality software engineering education. Jessica is active in Google Developers Group, Women TechmakersGirl Develop It Latin@s in Tech and DevelopHerDevelopHim. You’ll find her either listening to other’s life stories or coding one of her many personal projects.


Cooler Info: Jessica has been with her fantastic partner for over 12 years and they have a kitty name Luna and a puppy name River (for River Song).  She is always down to go try new foods and loves dancing! Jessica love collecting strawberry knick knack.

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Check out DevelopHerDevelopHim for videos about tech,
community and adventures with James Cha

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