Day 5 – Project Transit Notifier

To do: Continue working on event handlers and start figuring out google maps

What I did: This morning lecture was about Regular Expressions –  a language theory that looks for patterns and is very similar to the find function in word (but way more powerful and complicated). It was very interesting and since it was first time learning about it, it was challenging to participate in the group exercise, but once it was done (being about to find phone number in different formats using one expression) it made sense. This is the type of topic that I want to have more practice with so I can see it and then do it for deeper understanding.

Since its Friday, I didn’t have much time to get much work done. So I changed my game plan after lunch:

To do: Continue working on event handlers and start figuring out google maps

To do: work on routes and setting up database

I met with my mentor Tom to go over my progress. I sent him my data flow and Monday and I haven’t sent him any updates since then. It was great showing off to him my functions that I did on Tuesday. We talked about how I can manage my queue and he reminded me to keep things simple (I kept trying to incorporate fun things (log in system, maps, custom messaging, removing queue item via user request, etc.). It was great to explain what my plan was to someone who is interested and he game he tons of great ideas. His mentorship has been so helpful.

When I got back to Hackbright I only had an hour before feelings Friday. So I worked on laying out my routes (the things that when the internet calls from my website, it’ll direct my data flow) and on creating my classes to connect to my database. Then at 6pm, it was the weekly house social. So I relaxed and spent time with my fellows.

To do Tomorrow: Work on my database

My Thoughts/Process: I defiantly did not get a lot done today. Between the morning lecture, going out for lunch with friends (it was Brandi‘s birthday lunch), meeting Tom at his office and the social, I didn’t have much time. Plus I’ve noticed through this process, that Fridays, my brain is mushy. I’m tired from the week and I’m not as focused. I should start planning my Friday afternoons to be less productive. I am planning on taking this weekend to do a little work, but I need to catch up on my self card. I am working on my Positive notes for my cohort and I am in the mood of putting up some positive signs. I guess I’m feeling creative in a different way.

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