Day 20 – Project Transit Notifier

To do: Continue working on mocking my data and figuring out testing

What I did: This morning lecture was about documentation and the different methods and documentation styles – especially for python. I really enjoyed it because I have been doing the first thing Joel, our instructor, talked about: Docstrings!

Every place that I have worked at, I love (to a weird level) to document what I did so the next time I do that thing, its easier and when I leave that job the thing I spent so much time on doesn’t just not get done because the next person “couldn’t figure it out” or “didn’t have the resources.” I remember doing things like this when I was in school [I’ll go more into detail in the My Thoughts/Process].

Joel talked about Restructured Text – which is amazing! This is a markup format that you can write something using *.rst you can convert it into HTML, PDF, ebooks, power points, etc. It appears fairly simple (especially once you figure out  the syntax). Then Joel talked about Sphinx which will take the RsT to a whole other level! It is super cool that there are methods that build from one another to make it easier and simple.

testingSo I worked on getting my testing going. I started with the “smallest” test and worked on my Docstring test. I know that my data is real-time data that is always changing, but I felt (in my bones) that there is a way to docstring test. I went through and made sure that each function had one. But my poor guys can’t pass. So I re-read my notes from the testing lectures and there was a part that we didn’t go over in lecture about using ellipsis.

shapetestwithellipsisThese ellipsis can be used when there is a lot of data coming out and one can shorten it. So I thought, well if the computer is smart enough to know this, then maybe I can used that feature to have my test test the format that it should produce. It worked! I totally did a dance and Joel came up to me and danced with me! He asked me what i figured out and I told him what I was doing and he told me about shape testing and that that was what I was doing. So I went through for all my functions that deal with firebase (which are the majority) and changed them. Yeah! I started working on Unit test – I still have figured out how I’m going to mock my data – but I want to at least start it. I ended the day with a 36% testing coverage for my program:



hehe, its only with two test 🙂

To do Tomorrow: Continue working on mocking my data and Unit testing

My Thoughts/Process: Today was Friday, so like many Fridays, I didn’t feel as productive. This morning’s lecture did remind me of my coping mechanisms of documenting. I am very organized and I love to use color as a way of organizing and giving meaning to my system. During school I was part of the Resource Specialist Program (RSP)- it is a subsection of Special Education for students with mild learning challenges. I have minor cases of dyslexia and Auditory Processing disorder. My mind sometimes mixes letters, words, sentences up and it can be challenging to comprehend things that I see – oh dyslexia! I am also weak with sound discrimination – which means that it can be challenging to understand things because I don’t always hear the differences between sounds. I was lucky to have been diagnosis when I was 7 and I moved to a different school that placed me in RSP in the 3rd grade. Since my brain processes information differently than others, I built a system for myself to organize myself and to support me so I can learn/understand/process information at a closer rate. This does mean that I have to work more than the average person — when I was younger I was so jealous of my friends who can just absorb information and being a student was easy for them. But as an adult, I am happy that I see and process things differently. Similar to being raised in a bi-cultural home, I have the ability to relate to differently abled persons and I believe it give me a richer experience of life.



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