Rideminder v.2 Complete

I got Rideminder to work locally with the new changes of having my app process the closest vehicle from the server to my celery worker. When I pushed it to heroku, there were little minor bugs that I needed to take care of. But over all it was a simple merge.

Now that my firebase processing is working correctly, I noticed that I had some bugs from google direction and I had to add on a proxy to my heroku. For some reason this took me forever to figure out- most likely its because I’m still learning my new job and I’ve started a Django project. But I figured out how to use Fixie, a heroku addon to act as my proxy.

For the past few weeks, I have been having a blast using it for all my commuting needs.

3 months ago, I remember going on a Hackbright tour to Twilio. We did the workshop and stayed for the company dinner. There were three Hackbright alumni presenting their project. I remember oohing and ahhing and being overall impressed by what these women accomplished in 6 weeks.

Today I walked with the current cohort to Twilio and I stood in front. It was amazing to be able to share Rideminder. The pride I felt to be able to stand in front of smart, talented and overall amazing peers and to have a web-app that is deployed and functional.

Thank you Hackbright 

Thank you Twilio

You can check out Rideminder at http://rideminder.herokuapp.com/ 


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