Learning Vim

Now that I have put Rideminder on break. I am starting a few new projects:

  • started a Django Blog project
  • started a Squarespace website for a private practice
  • worked on some coding challenges
  • learning Vim

My coworker Ally told me that she was learning how to use Vim, a text editor. She pointed me to a built-in tutorial – vimtutor. All you need to do to get it started is on the command line, type:vimtutor

then press <enter>. It’ll start the tutorial. It take you through basic commands of:

  • moving using h, j, k, l keys
  • how to edit – insert, delete, replace
  • search/find
  • replace
  • retrieving and merging files
  • etc.

The tutorial was great, but kind-of boring. So I looked and I found some fun interactive tutorials that are online that you can check out too:

interactiveOpen Vim – a nice interactive shell that guides you through a tutorial with visualization

adventurevimVim Adventures – a fun game that you need to use vim commands, to play the whole game, you’ll have to play a fee though



One comment

  1. Vim is one of those things that seems intimidating at first (because it looks like a text editor but doesn’t act like one unless you go into insert mode), but then you start messing around and it’s actually totally fine. Those tutorials look great!


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