PyBay 2016 – Day 1

PyBay is the San Fransisco Bay Area Regional Python Conference that was held on August 19 – 21 at UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center.

The weekend consistent of inspiring keynotes, amazing talks, outstanding lightening talks and tons of fun!

Friday, August 19 

The evening started with registering for the event. At 7pm, there was the Opening and Key note by Jessica Mckellar.


Her talk was about some of the principals of open source software development:

  • learn the ‘rules’
  • learn the system
  • make change to the system
  • change the rules!


Being able to learn code, build using that code and being able to contribute to the code base that your using! That is super powerful! We can apply these concept into the other areas. Jessica had a call to action to make change. She framed it as how we make change in python: many people making little contributions that makes change. She shared her experience with working in the polls (making her contribution to the election) and her experience increasing diversity in speakers (primarily increasing women speakers) at PyCon.

After, there were several lightning talks:

  • being open to making fun, nonsensical projects to learn different concepts
  • how to do conferences – skip the sessions and meet others
  • working with interesting libraries
  • using DNA as a model for data storage

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