Project Ideas

For HackBright I need to complete a web application using the concepts and technologies that I have learned here. I currently have three ideas that I have been playing with and features that I am interested in having:

1) Finding Your Jeans
        Input user data of hip, waist, inseam measurements and outputs the size of jeans from different companies/brands.
               ratio of hip, waist and inseam giving suggested styles
               save user information
2) Transit Alarm
          User inputs transit information and server notifies user when they are close to their bus stop so they never miss their stop
                  Message via Texting – for the deaf population
                  Message via phone – for the blind population
                  Log in/save user Information
   **I found an API that I think I could use! **
3) Korean Culture/Language Translate
            User selects relationship type of who they want to talk to and the english sentence and receives the appropriate Korean sentence formality
                    have multiple relationship types (older, younger, male, female, generation)
                     Log in/save user Information
                    Audio of Korean saying
                    cultural information
Now I need to commit to one idea!

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