Day 1 – Project Transit Notifier

I have decided to do #2 Transit Alarm.

2) Transit Alarm
          User inputs transit information and server notifies user when they are close to their bus stop so they never miss their stop
                  Message via Texting – for the deaf population
                  Message via phone – for the blind population
                  Log in/save user Information
I defiantly need a better name. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Day 1

To do: Finalize WireFrame and Data Flow

What I did: Hack bright scheduled a trip to Firebase today, which was fantastic because I am planning on using their Transit API for my project. I played with it over the weekend and its fantastic! I learned so much more about how Firebase works – realtime database(NoSQL cloud) where data is stored as JSON, there is an authentication feature (for several social media accounts) and they host! I love how simple it is. I’m going to be using it to pull their data of the in real time Transit information, store my user’s request and authentication. If your interested in trying out their 5 min demo go to:

My data flow before
My data flow before

I originally had planned on using SQLite as my database, but after the trip to Firebase, I changed my mine. So I had to rethink how I want to have my data flow since with Firebase I do not have to make so many calls to double check my data. I am very excited to learn Firebase and to be able to have another skill set under my belt.

My data flow after AKA: The Plan!
My data flow after
AKA: The Plan!

Kai (one of the aids) came by and I showed her my Wire Frame and my data flow and she gave me a lot of great ideas and feedback. She gave me the green light! Yeah!

To do Tomorrow: Research API calls for getting Vehicle ids. When I get stuck I’ll work on making my app routes.

My Thoughts/Process: In the morning I was very nervous- I was overwhelmed and frankly not sure where to start. But now that Day 1 is done, I am feeling so much better. I started with just writing down what I know and what possible functions, variables and data calls that I’ll need. Once things were organized in my head I felt so much better. Especially now that I was able to go over the logic and flow of my process, I have a plan! I love having something tangible to work off of. I am looking forward to being able to really use my API and to get more comfortable with SJON and Javascript.

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