Day 11 – Project Transit Notifier

To do: Work on Jquery calls so I can use the transit stops for my user, and work on pulling the information from a web~form

What I did: This morning’s lecture was about runtime. I found it really interesting and I wrote a note to go to all my functions and write out their runtime. I do get confused with the names between O(n^2) and O(2^n) b/c I want to call O(n^2) exponential, when it really is quadratic. I think I’m going to leave the names alone and go with just O(n^2) instead. The sense of how things grow if your input grows made a lot of sense to me. I kept thinking “what is the equations proportion?” and for me that makes sense. How proportion is the work to the amount of work your giving it. I did have a flash back to 9th grade math with Mr. Eaton and it was great.

Today was about debugging!

My form in html
My form in html

I debugged my web-form! It was an issue with my flask not getting the information from my webform. I tried looking it up and go over the class notes, but I couldn’t figure it out. I knew it was something small – I felt it in my bones! So I asked for help, and yup. It was that I didn’t have the “id” in my html, so my flask wasn’t able to grab from my form because it couldn’t “see” it. I changed my “id”s to “name” and it worked! Yes!

Awesome! I am getting my data from my form. Perfect! So now I try it again and oh no! I have a weird error:

SQL error in flask
SQL error in flask

“KeyError: SQLAHEMY_TRACK_MODIFICATIONS” Oh no. I looked it up and I couldn’t really find an support for what I was doing. So I jumped into the queue. Leslie helped me out to debug this guy. It turns out my database wasn’t being connected to my server, hehe. So I got that going. Then another error: “InterfaceError”… hmm…. interesting…. turns out that sqlite doesn’t like tuples(geolocation). So I had to go through and change all of my functions to separate my geolocation to lat and lon.



I can go from my webform, process my data and insert it into my database! *does a little dance* Got all of that done! Awesome! So now it need to figure out celery (does asynchronous task queue/job queue). Celery will take care of my processing my queue – I have the function already done that it need to handle, I just need to connect it to Celery.

To do Tomorrow: Work on Twilio, Javascrip (JQuery) to populate the stops and Celery

My Thoughts/Process: Once I was able to get unstuck, I felt so much better. It was fairly easy to debug my issues, I just needed support with figuring out that form. I guess this is a good lesson to pay attention to details and to really check every single part. I felt productive and re-energized (it could have been the fact that I slept for 9 hours on Saturday night and about 12 hours on Sunday night). I also got really amazing news today – which I cannot share until I know for sure – but to say the least, I am very excited for my future 🙂

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