Day 12 – Project Transit Notifier

To do: Work on Twilio, Javascrip (JQuery) to populate the stops and Celery

What I did: Lecture was about Stacks & Queues which was super cool because it made TOTAL sense! Its always fun when you learn about a concept and it just clicks. I don’t think I’ll be using these data structures for my project but it was awesome that during the lecture we were presented with “problem” in which we figure out if parentheses are balanced in a string and I totally got it! YES! If you want to play with it, you can go to: Simple Balanced Parentheses.

Celery Plan
Celery Plan

I’m starting today with Celery and when I get stuck, I’ll move to twilio and then javascript. I read the set up docs, watched several videos, read the flask/celery docs, looked up examples and I think I’m starting to understand it (some of the more useful resources:,

After I got saturated with Celery — which, what kind of name is that? Come on! Celery? I have never met someone who’s favorite food is Celery — I started to work on making sure my processes_queue() function was working. In python interactive, I ran it and I forgot to include the (), so it returned an object which was strange. After googling it, I got into the queue and Joel came by and helped me out. He pointed out that I was missing the (), but we started talking about Celery. I showed him what I had white boarded and went over the concept and the flow. He showed me code that he wrote working with Celery and supported me with understanding it for my project. So now I have a place to move forward. Yeah!

Not much actual coding, but it was a great day.

To do Tomorrow: Write my celery!

Ice skating in Civic Center
Ice skating in Civic Center

My Thoughts/Process: Today was a very strange day. I spent hours just researching about celery and no coding. But the cool thing was that tomorrow the Today show is coming to do a story about Hackbright. I was asked if I would be interested in being interview, which I totally am! So Katie asked me what my tag line is and we came up with a handle, my favorite “From small border town, worked in non-profit, now full-stack engineer fellow” I’m super excited for this. Hackbright asked 5 gals and the News folks will pick two or three, fingers cross I’m chosen!

Also, Kara, a fellow hackbrighter, had an amazing break through where, I quote, she “feel like god!” She had a shift in preceptive on what she is doing and now she really understand the power she has, it was awesome. At that same time I had my slack open with Ally‘s (hi Ally!) photo ice skating – As part of a celebration we went ice skating (I was more than saturated by Celery) and had a blast doing something fun and completely different.

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