Day 17 – Project Transit Notifier

To do:Work on making my JQuery event listener to pull the value of the selected transit line

What I did: Hackbright started the day with a field trip to Bloomberg’s new office in San Francisco. Bloomberg is a financial news and media company founded by Michael Bloomberg. The office was beautiful and the people were nice.

My $.Ajax calls

Once we got back, I start working on having my Ajax call grab the stop Title, Lat & Lon and then place it into the DOM-what the browser shows. After a little research, I was able to figure out $(div).append(text) can do the trick. I was able to put my Lat & Lon together in a string with a comma between and place it into the html as the value for the Title that was going to be displayed. That way, when the Title is selected, the Lat & Lon is what my form gives back to my server as the value of the input. I have two Ajax calls with two JQuery event listeners for clicking on both the line and the bound. Something that I had forgot to do was the empty out the select options when I click on the line and the bound (because it’ll just keep adding to the html).

stopsworkingI tested it a couple of times and success! I am able to have my user pick their line and their bound and it’ll give them the stop options and my form submits the actual geolocation! *lots of dancing and happiness*

My Example Map

Now that this works, I starting researching into maps. My goal is to have my map center to my user’s geolocation and when they click on the lines, to use the stop information of the Title, Lat & Lng to display it on the map, so they can see where they are going. So I starting making a generic map using a tutorial on youtube by JTechniques to create a simple map with markers. I didn’t finish it, but I did get to where I made my first map, yeah!


To do Tomorrow: Make my interactive map

My Thoughts/Process: Today started late because of the trip to Bloomberg. My ankle has been bothering me since Sunday and today was really sore. It got back later in the day, but I wasn’t able to do my work at the stand up desk. I did get a lot of support from Christina with emptying out my html when I appending – that could have taken a while to figure out and she was so sweet to support me. I’ve been very fortunate to have such amazing people around me to ask for support.

jamesWhen I was able to get my Ajax/JQuery figured out, I messaged my partner, James. I told him how excited and happy I was. He commented that he has never seen me this excited over something. It was a great reminder of how much of an impact the work one is doing has over their emotional health- plus its great feedback that I made the right decision to go into this field.

In regards to the good news that I alluded to a week ago, I have somewhat of an update. The good news is developing and I might be able to let you all know in a week or two. I am very excited!

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