Day 22ish? – Rideminder

Happy Thanksgiving!

My cohort has a great perk! We have the Thanksgiving break right before Career Day. This gives my cohort more time to work on our project, thought it was super challenging to find alone time with my computer. So Hackbright was closed from Wednesday until Monday. I left Tuesday home and spent the week with my in-laws, my partner and our animals. It was amazing spending time with the people and things that make me so happy. The majority of the time my partner and I spent it sleeping in, watching movies and tv shows and hanging out. It was great! (though now that its done, I am having the “I should have done more” moment, but nah, it was good to disconnect).

To do: Work on finishing testing!  

What I did whenever there was a chance to hide with my computer: I worked on getting my testing done. I currently have 86% testing coverage for Rideminder:testing86

It was so much easier to do testing once I was able to get my data mocked. I did find it challenging to test my celery’s It says that it has 55% coverage, but that just means that my testing touched 55% of the lines – which is all the imports and setting my celery up to connect to Firebase and my database. I’ll need to research about how to actually test it.

usergeolocationjsI started working on not having my project hard coded to the Powell Station. I looked up a few different ways javascript can request the geolocation of the browser and place that information into my form, so when it’s submitted I can access their client’s geolocation. I figured out how to get the geolocation and have it to center my map at that location. I need to figure out how to submit that geolocation along with my form.

To do Tomorrow: Work on getting my client’s geolocation to be submitted with the form, final touches on my project… maybe even deploying (eep!)

My Thoughts/Process:  I like and dislike Javascript. I haven’t been able to find a style or flow yet. I think it has to do with working with in it in small chucks. I feel like things don’t make sense until it works and then it makes complete sense. I think I just need time to get a better sense of it.

This Tuesday is Career Day! This is where +25 companies come out and do a speed dating style interview with us. We have 7 minutes to show potential employers my project and “sell” myself. I’m super excited and of course nervous.  Now that its coming close to the day, I am starting to pull out of the Hackbright fog and starting to look forward to making plans for the future.

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