Day 23 – Rideminder

To do: Work on getting my client’s geolocation to be submitted with the form, final touches on my project… maybe even deploying (eep!)

What I did: I found out this morning that all my git pushes were not going up to my github after I changed my directory name. I changed my directory name to Rideminder, but I thought that I set it up for my remote to point to the new name. So I got support from Katie, a fellow student. It turns out it wasn’t my renaming, I did that right! I was “cleaning up” my github and I deleted things without pulling/pushing to confirm the changes. So I had to do a merge, which honestly was one of the scariest things! I made a copy of my project on my desktop, just in case. The fear was intense and real. But she was able to guide me through it.

usergeolocSo then I started working on passing my user’s geolocation to my sever via the form submission. I worked on it for about 15 mins and it wasn’t working. Until I actually did print statements- in the case, I did console.log() and it turns out that I lat & lng are part of the variable pos. So I changed it to pos and passed that. But that is an object… then I realized that I could do & pos.lng. YEAH! It worked. Now I can get my user’s geolocation. I’m so close to having this actually work out in the wild!

I started working on changing my project so I can put it on Heroku, but I need to change my sql to PostgreSQL. For some reason, that was it. My brain said Nope! I know that I can do this, and since my sql is only one table, its not at all complicated it would take at most an hour (at most!). I think since its career day tomorrow and the vibe at Hackbright is very different – people are nervous, scared, excited, overwhelmed, etc. I think I’m feeding off their energy and its difficult to find a quite time and spot to actually get some work done. So I have decided not to do it today. Thats okay. I’ll just do it after (most likely on Wednesday).

readmeThe rest of the day, I focused on cleaning up my README and github, fix up my linkedin and connect with my cohort. It was nice to sit around and talk to a lot of the gals. Every person here have amazing projects. I am blown away by the variety and complexity of my cohort’s projects.

To do Tomorrow: Be amazing at Career Day

My Thoughts/Process: I am very excited to be the night before Career Day. I am feeling good of where I am – of course I wish I did more, but I have something totally amazing! I am going to go do some self care tonight – get a mani, get some delicious dinner, wash my hair and go to bed early.







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