Post Career Day

Now that the excitement of Career Day is done; comes the hard work: Graduation and getting employed!

We graduated on Thursday, December 3rd – a little ceremony just for the cohort where we received our certificate and our Hackbright Hoodies. There was a lot of crying and celebrating. We all worked very hard to learn and grow. For the majority of us, this experience has been life changing. Check out what 34 amazing people can accomplish in 4 weeks: Twelthbright.

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After graduation, I went to the Girl Geek Dinner at Twilio. It was fantastic! I have a special place in my heart for Twilio – they hosted my cohort (they gave us a tour and showed us how to use Twilio) and my project dependent on Twilio to send my text messages. The Girl Geek Dinner was about:

Our lightning talks and panelists will cover an array of topics ranging from live-coding a Twilio app to our commitment to serving non-profits to hearing from a day in the life of product and business leaders at Twilio.

Twilio is the developer platform for communications. With Twilio, developers and businesses make communications contextual by embedding voice, video, messaging and authentication directly into their software. We are reinventing the communications market, taking it from its 150-year legacy in hardware to its future in software. Twilio has more than 700,000 registered developers. Industry disruptors like Uber, Box, Square and DocuSign and enterprises like Nordstrom, Coca-Cola, Walmart and Home Depot trust Twilio to power and innovate their communications at global scale.


formThis was the last official week for my cohort – we still have two weeks of Career Services – but we are done with the educational portion. We have a few gals who are leaving this week – so this was their last week. The group talked about keeping connected and different ways we can go about it. There were many ideas being thrown around the group. I told the group that I’ll make a shared google calendar that we can post study groups, events, parties, hangouts, etc. – a way to organize all the great ideas.  The group liked it.

It would super easy to make and invite everyone. But then I thought about the issues of missing information, how to send the information to everyone, etc. So I thought about having a form, that way everyone’s event has all the needed information (so many times people forget to mention the actual location, the time, etc.).


But I didn’t want to have to process forms, nor did I want to ask someone else to do that. So I looked up if Google Forms can create an event and its possible. When you make a Google Form, you get a Google Sheets for free (its all free, but it comes with the form). I can place an event listener in javascript for when the the form is submitted it’ll create a calendar event in the shared calendar! I used a great video  from Alexander Ivanov. It shows you exactly how to set up the form and the javascript. Now that I have that, I didn’t want people to have to email it out too! So I looked to find how I can have the form event listener also email to my whole group. email

This one was a lot easier since I already had the event listener on my form and it connects to my calendar. I just need to grab the data that is being submitted again and send an email. I used a blog post from Digital Inspiration as a guide. This one took a little bit of time in regards to making the email look somewhat nice.

So now, my cohort can submit their event using the Google Form and it automatically emails everyone and creates a Google Calendar Event! AHH! *does a fun dance* It was super cool to be able to do this. I had a couple of testers to test it and it still works! I am going to email my cohort by Monday about this project.

Now that I have ensured the continued awesome connection for my cohort, I really need to work on my Rideminder and move my database from SQLite to PostgreSQL and other things.

I updated my form to be more Hackbrightie(sp?):



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