Career Services Day 1 & 2

We had two presentation yesterday:

  • Parker Phinney from InterviewCake – he encouraged us to do “interview questions” with 3 different techniques/methods/approaches.  He went over different approaches and the though process from a “brute force” approach to more effective method. He stressed the run time and run space for the different approaches.
  • Katherine Wu from New Relic (Cohort 3) – she went over the differences between Ask & Guess Culture. Her talk was about differences in communication styles (specially direct vs indirect) and a little about how its influenced by society/culture. She stressed to figure out how you communicate and how others to be more effective (she is totally an Ask :))

Today we had a few presentations:

  • Gloria Kimbwala from Square – Gloria shared her story from undergrad degree in environmental studies, to her Masters in Computer Science and her career in Engineering. She also went over tips and tricks for the interviewing/white boarding process.
  • Andrea Pasqua from Radius – Andrea shared and explored Data Science. He went over how data points can be processed to make sense and link it to related data points and once they are organized, interesting information can be derived and manipulated. He was amazing at explaining the concepts and especially the “why” of the process.
  • Angie Chang from Hackbright – She shared her story and how she started with an engineering team where she was the only woman and she questioned why panels did not have any women and why there wasn’t any girl geek dinners in San Francisco. So she started a conversation.

Last night I was texting a friend and she sent me a message

“Oh no, I really could’ve used rideminder…”

When I got it, I looked up and lo and behold, I missed my stop too! What are the odds? I’m sure I can google it.

I decided that today I am going to work on moving Rideminder from just my local computer to the WORLD. So I have to move my database from SQLite to PostgreSQL. There are some little things that I had to change. In the middle of this process I thought “Instead of just changing it to PostgreSQL why don’t I set it up for Heroku too! Of course I decided to do this during the presentations because I was itching to code! —

Itching to code is such a great feeling! I knew that I enjoyed programming, but I never thought that I would enjoy it this much!

— so doing two things at once isn’t the greatest idea; so I got a little confused. To help me through it, I thought that maybe I could just look up a fellow’s git hub and follow what she did. I followed the majority of it and I connected to Heroku and tried running it, but my postgreSQL wasn’t connecting. I asked Christina (who I was modeling my change from her git hub) checked out what I had and said that she had the same error. She realize that she hadn’t pushed to git hub with the changes. So I saw her code and got the quick fix. I ran my sever locally and it worked! Yeah!

Now I just need to finish sending it up to heroku. My internet at home is acting up (horribly), so this will have to wait until tomorrow.

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