Starting a new project

For a few years, my partner has been wanting to do video blog with me. It started back in the summer of 2012, when we became vegans – actually, more like Flexegans. He really wanted to do a project with me and we were in the middle of discovering how we can change our eating habits to be healthier. Well, needless to say, that didn’t happen. He was finishing up his masters program and working full time while I was managing a mental health center that was emotionally demanding. So there was no time.

geekandsundry  day box vlog mimeWell, now that we have both moved to the Bay Area we don’t have the same obligations that we had prior, it looks like we are actually going to be able to do this. We are still Felxegans, but we aren’t cooking like we used to, but we are both in the tech field. It’ll be interesting and fun to talk about different topics and see what are point of views are, especially because we have different educational and career experience.


We have some ideas of topics and we needed to figure out where we’ll film this. We spent an hour figuring out where we should have it set up in our living room. It was so cute to watch James set up our game table in different parts of apartment; checking the camera, the lightening, the sound. He thought that a particular spot would be great because we have track lightening and our game table was already under there. But the light was harsh and a bit yellow-ie. So we played around with different parts of our apartment. We ended up setting up between our two desk (mainly mine since James in his natural habitat is a little messy).

More updates coming soon!

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