DevelopHer DevelopHim

A new youtube channel has started!


James and I started a youtube channel with the goal of creating community and exploring different aspects of Tech. We have plans of interviewing different folks from the tech community to get their perspectives/insight, talk about different technologies and events happening in the community.

Our first episode is: Dev Bootcamp

Its a short discussion of my experience going through bootcamp (Hackbright) and how its more intensive that people might think and how change starts with steps. When you do the things you enjoy, you end up places you may have never thought of.

Our 2nd episode is: Getting a CS degree

James share’s his experience of getting his degree in Computer Science and how he used his time in school to also develop his leadership and work experience.

Our 3rd episode is: Pre Google I/O

We are both going to Google I/O. I’m excited, but not sure what to expect and this is James’s fourth year. We are planning on doing a Post video, so if you have any questions let me know so I can cover it in the next video.


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