Google I/O- Day 0

Google I/O is for developers—the creative coders who are building what’s next. Together we’ll explore the latest in tech, mobile, and beyond.

This year was held May 18 – 20, 2016 at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA. This is the 10th year google has be hosting a conference for developers and this was my first year. My experience started on May 17th.

Women Techmakers held their 5th annual I/O dinner at GARField Park. It was a great experience of meeting women from around the world with different backgrounds and experiences. The night started with cocktails and I met women from France, Singapore and many from America. The setting was beautiful, it felt like I was at an outdoor wedding reception. I sat next to women who are Program Managers, Program Directors, developers and inspiring developers.

After the dinner a group of us walked over to North America GDG Pre-IO Party. They had each region present their report for their areas. For the Pacific area – they had made a short film for Elizabeth Padilla, she was the Program Manager for the Developer Relations. She has left to manage the Privacy and Security team. After these presentations, their was karaoke. Tons of fun!


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