Google I/O- Day 3

The last day of IO started with “Machine Learning: Google’s Vision” session by John Giannandrea, Aparna Chennapragada and Jeff Dean. It was a panel style session, where they shared their thoughts about the advances of translation, photos, apps with the use of machine learning. The big take aways were that the uses of TensorFlow and Cloud Machine Learning, we are only at the very beginning of these types of technologies. It was interesting to hear what they thought were the challenges and that to make the next big step may take a new way of seeing things and that it most likely can happen in the next few years. When the Q&A portion started, the audience questions quickly moved into the space of advertisements, which honestly turned me off (I feel like this is a space to talk and explore ideas, versus how to monetize, especially since any tech that can be monetized, will be monetized in our society).

We went walking around. We ran into a gentleman who made a carriage cover out of old CDs, an android dressed as George of the Jungle and we found a seesaw!

Then we got inline for “DevTools on RAILs” session by Paul Irish (one of our friends really loves his talks). He was super entertaining and shows us how he debugs apps. He went through the developer tools in the browser and showed some pretty slow apps. Then he showed us how he either changed (limiting) what it was loading initially, showed a common mistake on js when loading images and breaking up the loading work into parts so the user can have access to the app as it continues to load. This was one of my favorite sessions!

We went to the store to get some shirts that were being hand screened! As we walked back we stop at Project Loon – making internet available to everyone!

Then we went to see “VR & Cinema” by Jessica Billhart and it was brilliant! She shared her experience from the past two years of working with VR and how she is making up terms and ways of designing stories. Since the user is inside the scene, common movie principles are not applicable, especially in terms of the staff (everyone, either needs to be out of the shot or worked into the shot as an extra). She showed how she has made up a story line, aka “Jessica’s blue circles”, to explain story line and progression.

The last session that we went to was “AMP + Progessive Web Apps: Start fast, stay engaged.” This was more like a review by Alex Russel of everything that I had been learning about AMP. At first I was like “yeah, yeah, I know this already” but then it hit me – I know this already! It was nice to end with an overall this is AMP and Progressive Web Apps.
That was it! Google I/O 2016 is now done

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